New Shores International College

Subverting The Paradigm Of Education

NIOS – Inclusive Education Program

Do not lose hope if you failed 2nd PU /12th board exam!

Einstein once remarked “Everybody is genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


You failed in 2nd PUC? Do not worry, you need not be deprived of your right to pursue your dreams anymore. You can now be at par with any other PUC passed student. New Shores has launched ‘Inclusive Education Program’ that gives you the opportunity to get an uncompromising education in order to build your dream and turn them into reality.


Not every student’s competencies are accurately measurable in the way an education system could uniformly evaluate.  Many exceptionally talented and gifted students DO fail in the board exams due to various reasons. However it does not mean that they do not deserve a second chance in life to get the best possible education that their PASSED counterparts are bestowed. To address this issue, New Shores Governing Council decided to launch ‘Inclusive Education Program’ to give 2nd PUC/12th failed students an opportunity to study at New Shores in any UG program affiliated to Bangalore University!

Many 2nd PUC failed students without a direction wonder what lies next for them in their career. To understand this challenge, one must primarily believe that failure in 2nd PU is not the end of life or is the real test of a student’s talent and ambition, secondly, if the student goes out and explores, there are possibilities of almost equivalent opportunities in every sphere a passed student gets in the higher education industry.

Now you are 2nd PUC failed, so what can you do next? You can join a full time regular BCA, or BBM or B.Com or B.Sc degree under Bangalore University at New Shores. For the 2014-15 academic year, 10% percent of the entire Undergraduate degree seats are reserved for the 2nd PU failed students in New Shores to provide opportunity to maximum possible number of students. Remaining 90% percent of the seats are for merit students having minimum 78.8% in their PUC/ A2 in CBSE / 32 in IBDP.

Once 2nd PUC failed students enroll in New Shores, they can clear the failed subjects in PUC through N.I.O.S in the campus itself. New Shores is affiliated to NIOS board and has secured 100% pass percentage for 12th standard NIOS in the year 2013-14.

If you wish to be among the 10% students transforming themselves through an award winning world class education progressing to receive a UG degree, you can apply by filling in the admission enquiry form here, or walk into the campus and collect a free prospectus and application.

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